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DAPTC is a membership organisation affiliated to NALC (the National Association of Local Councils), our national body who support and represent approximately 10,000 local councils and 80,000 councillors across England. NALC lobby central government on behalf of their members, and set national strategic policy, supported by a legal team. They also produce the Local Council Review (LCR) magazine and the bi-weekly DIS (Direct Information Service), which are prime sources of information relating to the local council sector.

DAPTC is currently funded by its membership and training fees, along with grants received from Dorset Council and NHS Dorset Clinical Commissioning Group.


How is DAPTC run?

The Executive Committee consists of a President, and 15 elected councillors, who are jointly responsible for the strategic and financial management of the Association.

The County Chief Executive Officer, Neil Wedge is responsible for the day-to-day management of the association.

As a membership association DAPTC staff are unable to answer queries from the general public.