Row of autumnal Beech trees

Beech Avenue Parish Council - a great place to be!

Beech Avenue Parish Council is a wonderful place with tree lined avenues a plenty with glorious green fields and flowering meadows.

Beech Avenue Parish Council

Beech Avenue Parish Council is famous for it’s beech tree lined avenue of historic importance.  The avenue has bee celebrated in the past by the National Trust

Beech Avenue began life in 1835, when 731 trees were planted either side of the newly built road, which was created as a turnpike, or toll road, to the financial benefit of the land’s owner, explorer and Dorset aristocrat William John Bankes.   It’s said the road and trees were an extravagant gift from Barnes to his mother Frances.

There were 365 trees along one side, and 366 along the other, one for every day of the year, and the other for every day of a leap year.

Replacing the old trees

By 2008 21 Beech trees had to be felled after they were found to have either contracted an untreatable parasite, Kretzshmaria deusta, or had become weakened with age.

The National Trust said that all the Beech trees that had to be removed were replaced with a Hornbeam, which is a species that provides ‘autumnal interest’ similar to the Beech, but is better suited to the changing soil and environmental conditions  found where the trees live alongside a busy road.

And as time goes on more of the original trees will succumb to disease and old age.


Maintenance and monitoring of the trees continues, with 28 more identified as needing work.

Peter Samson, Head Warden on the Kingston Lacey estate, said: “It was part of an on-going estate management and monitoring of the trees which make up the Beech Avenue and tree surgeons removed deadwood and carried out remedial work on 28 of the beech trees.

“But no more trees were felled although the surgeons will take the chance to take a closer look at several trees which may prove to be severely diseased.”


Are you interested in joining the Parish Council

If you live in the Beech Avenue village you can join the parish council as a Councillor.

You will need to meet the eligibility criteria and be elected or co-opted onto the council.

Once on the council you will be trained so that you will understand your role and what the parish council can do for the community.

Projects around the village

Click on the boxes below to find out what the parish council has been building for you in the area.

Beech Village Play Area
Take a look at the new play area that the parish council has spent the past three years creating.
The new Bus Shelter on the High Street
A new modern red metal and glass bus shelter has been installed on the High Street to help keep people dry in the rain.

The same images from around the village shown in a different way

Enjoy these beautiful images of Dorset

Play Park with large slide
Black metal and glass bus shelter with yellow bench
Tree lined grass path
Row of autumnal Beech trees
Burtonbradstock 6
Maidencastle ramparts and ditches at sunrise
The lighthouse at Portland Bill on sunny day

Images from around Beech Avenue area

View a selection of lovely photos from around the locality including a number of the beech avenue taken at different times of the year.

Maidencastle ramparts and ditches at sunrise
Black metal and glass bus shelter with yellow bench
Play Park with large slide
Tree lined grass path
Row of autumnal Beech trees
The lighthouse at Portland Bill on sunny day

What's happening in the village this week?

Please see listed below some activities that are taking place at the Village Hall on Short Street.



Wednesday 7pm to 8.45pm

Enjoy Yoga with Jonnie.  An hour of gentle movement and stretching with experienced teacher Jonnie Firtree.

Angie’s Book Club


Thursday 3pm to 5pm

Come along and find out what the latest read is for the bookclub.  Bring some cake and the tea will be provided.

Don’t forget your books and any recommendations for the next read!



Friday 7pm to 9.30pm

Eye’s Down at 7.15pm!!

Bring a friend and a prize for the Raffle.

Only £1 a strip, all proceeds will go to the Village Hall Management Committee to help with the update of the hall.

Beech Avenue Annual Parish Meeting 


Monday 7pm to 9pm

The meeting will start promptly at 7.40pm.   There will be an opportunity before hand to meet with members from village clubs and societies.

Wine and cheese will be available.


Beech Avenue

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