Become a Parish Councillor

If you are interested in becoming a parish council and serving your local community.  The eligibility criteria can be found on the Dorset Association of Town and Parish Councils website.



Beech Avenue Parish Councillors

Neil Wedge 2
Cllr Neil Wedge

Neil is the Chairman of the parish council.

Neil is interested in walking and playing golf.

Married to Jeanette, they have two grown up children.

Neil wants to help people and save the planet.

Contact Neil directly at



Staff Lisa Head
Cllr Lisa Cooper

Lisa is the Vice-Chairman of the parish council and also Chairman of the Finance Committee.

Lisa enjoys running and cycling.

Married to Paul, they have two 17 year twin boys who keep them very busy.

Lisa wants to help educate councillors and bring about world peace.

Contact Lisa directly at


Cllr Debbie Hollings

Debbie has been a member of the parish council for over 25 years and it the Chairman of the Personnel Committee.

Debbie enjoys swimming and painting.

Debbie has a 20 year old daugher who keeps her on her toes and young at heart.

Debbie wants everyone to be kinder to each other and is also hoping to bring about world peace.

Contact Debbie directly at




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Cllr John Parker

John is the Vice-Chairman of the Personnel Committee.

John enjoys spending time with his family and gardening.

John is also a Governor at his local hospital.

Contact John directly at


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Cllr Kevin Johnson

Kevin is the Chairman of the Playground Committee.

Kevin enjoys amateur dramatics and singing.

Kevin wants a more happy world.

Contact Kevin directly at