Holwell Parish Council comprises up to seven elected Councillors who meet every two months to transact the business of the Council. Councillors serve for a period of five years.  Occasional vacancies occur if a Councillor resigns before the end of his/her term. Any such vacancy will be advertised within the village on the noticeboard and on this website.

If you care about where you live and are passionate about your community, we need new councillors to support the village of Holwell. Any parishioner wishing to stand should contact the Parish Clerk as soon as possible for further information.

May 2023 Notice Of Casual Vacancy Holwell

Parish Clerk: Sarah Mitchell holwell@dorset-aptc.gov.uk

Dorset Councillor – Sherborne Rural – Robin Legg

Vacancy for Parish Councillors

If you are interested in working with your local community, have you thought about becoming a councillor?  You would be working to represent the people of Holwell advocating for the views of our local residents and signposting them to the right people at the council as well as keeping them informed about the issues that affect them.    Good communication and engagement is central to being an effective councillor.

updated September 2022