In time for your website pages’ launch, please prepare your Accessibility Statement, which is a required page for the website – the government provide a template online, which includes good instructions about how to make it relevant for your particular circumstances.

This is a good starting point and will need occasional review and updating to ensure it reflects the content you are putting on the site.

The Non-Accessible Content section of the template will depend on the final content on the website – this is where you define and make aware the pages and content (files, usually PDFs) that you know to be non-accessible documents. It may be because you do not have the original source documents, or that they are older files. It may also be that you have been given them by another organisation, such as The Police or local ambulance service. You’ll want to put them on the site, but as you don’t have control to make them accessible, you’ll need to identify that on the page they are visible and also reference them in the Accessibility Statement.

You can download our advice on how to amend the government template to your circumstances.